The law firm of PONET & DE VLEESCHAUWER was created in 1982 by Frans PONET, Claire DE VLEESCHAUWER and Eddy WILLEMSOn 1 January 2000 Raf VAN GYSEL, Wendy VERHEES and Philip VANLOMMEL joined the firm as junior partners.

Erik NAUWELAERTS, Stefaan DE BOECK and JAN VAN BRAGT completed the team of lawyers.


ponet & de vleeschauwer advocaten

PONET & DE VLEESCHAUWER are solidly integrated into the city of Antwerp with its leading port and world-famous diamond centre. No wonder that this law firm was created around these economic core activities and that it was able to further develop its expertise in these areas.


Both costs and fees related to these files are discussed with the client.


In view of the international context of the subjects dealt with many files are handled in cooperation with foreign correspondents. PONET & DE VLEESCHAUWER is an independent law firm which enables it to cooperate with any other firm for these specific files.